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    DOES GLOBE STILL OFFER NETFLIX SUBSCRIPTION? the one that is paid through Globe


      i subscribed to globe's free netflix for 6months and after using it all up i wanted to continue the netflix subscription through globe. i am willing to pay for the subscription along with my monthly due. so i called up globe customer service hotline last december 26, 2017. that was my first call. it has already been 3months since my 1st call regarding this request and still it has not been addressed. i have called numerous times. probably almost 20times. i kept following up on my request. ALL OF THE AGENTS that i had talked to said the same thing! that the previous agent's request report says that it was the FREE NETFLIX that i wanted. nd i explained over and over and oooooooooover again. that i used up the free subscription already and I AM WILLING TO PAY FOR CONTINUING SUBSCRIPTION. the agent assures me that they will fix the report and promises that this will eb addressed within 48hrs and i should be expecting a confirmatory email. ..... this conversation has been repeated everytime i follow up "after 48hrs" FOR 3MONTHS ALREADY!!  i called to follow up again 2 days ago. guess what... the new agent said the same thing! i've tried sending globe emails, sending my request on globe facebook, but to now avail. im starting to think that Globe doesnt reaally offer netflix anymore. IF SO, THEN WHY CANT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE JUST BE HONEST AND NOT LEAD ME ON FOR 3MONTHS.