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    No Outgoing Call


      I can't make a call, even to 211. I'm subscribed to "calls to all networks" promo and I also have Php41 prepaid load. When I try to make a call, I'm getting a recorded call saying that the "call couldn't get through because my call barring is on or the number I'm calling has call forwarding." Here's a list of what I have done so far:


      1. I dialed #33*1234# to deactivate call barring just to make sure that it is definitely deactivated, although I'm sure it's not activated.
      2. Switched my phone off and on.
      3. Switched flight mode on and off.
      4. Inserted the SIM to another phone.


      I tried to reach out to reach out for help to Globe on Facebook and Twitter. The one on FB responded and said that my call barring is on. I gave him all the information he needed and also followed the steps he asked me to do (which is basically what I already did above. Problem persisted, and the Globe FB support stopped responding.


      What to do next?

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          Gail .

          Hi, maybe ##002# might help. It will cancel all active barring. Also if I may suggest, please also check if you only experience this with 1 number. If yes, you may also ask the rep from Globe to check status of the other number.