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    How can I file a formal complaint against a Globe Store employee?


      I would like to file a formal complaint against an employee of Globe Telecom (Gaisano Tabunok) in Talisay City Cebu.


      Today 26 March 2018, at approximately 12:15 PM, I went to Globe Telecom to make a "cash-out" transaction from my GCash account.


      This was not my first time to make this specific transaction in this Globe service center. The first time I made a GCash "cash-out" transaction was on 5 March 2018. At that time, the female service representative was very helpful in assisting me with my transaction as it was the first time that I was withdrawing funds from my GCash account for a substantial amount. She provided assistance in having me KYC verified on a 2nd Globe mobile number as I inadvertently sent the money to this number thinking that I can only "send money" and not "withdraw funds / cash-out" from my active and already KYC verified Globe Telecom mobile number. I used my Voter's ID and BIR TIN Card as proof of identification, the rest of the process went smoothly.


      So it was to my extreme shock and frustration that earlier today, I was told that I can't "cash-out" funds since my ID cards were not valid!


      My points of argument are as follows:

      1. When you apply for a service in Globe, may it be for GCash or its telecommunications services, they accept an applicant's Voter's ID and BIR TIN Card (with picture and signature).

      2.When I went through the KYC verification (twice!), I presented both ID cards as proof of identification.

      3.When I first went to the said branch to not only "cash-out" funds but also have a second mobile number KYC verified under my name, the service representative accepted these cards as proof of identification.


      Having said the above FACTS, it's beyond anyone's comprehension why Globe would deny to provide service to a customer who already had history in making the same transaction at the exact same store!


      I would have completely understand that I'm unable to complete a "cash-out" transaction if during my first visit, I was told that these ID cards are not being honored as proof of identification. I would not have continued using my GCash account.


      However, this is NOT the main reason of my complaint! While I was trying to explain what happened during my last visit and I was asking questions to try to understand the reason why I'm being denied service and figure out the options available as an alternative for me, a male service representative kept on cutting me off in such a rude and combatative manner and even made faces and smirked at me IN FRONT OF MY MOTHER AND THE OTHER CUSTOMERS INSIDE THE SERVICE CENTER!


      I was completely dumbfounded, embarrassed, insulted, and bat-shit angry at this kind of treatment! Yet, I still tried not to make a scene and requested to speak to the manager. After speaking to the manager, who was very professional and mild-mannered, she was able to provide me a solution which was to come back a few hours to get a GCash Mastercard to gain access to my funds! At this point, my mother who's a senior citizen and a heart attack survivor, was extremely embarrassed, told the manager that "He treats us like we were caught in the act of committing financial fraud!"


      I was not able to ask for the male service representative's name as my mother was already anxious and distressed from the ordeal and wanted to get away from the place as fast as possible.


      I therefore ask Globe, one of the largest companies in the country who takes  prides of and places immense value in its customer service, to observe due diligence and show corporate responsibility and investigate this incident immediately and provide feedback in a prompt and expedient fashion!