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    Delivery of a new phone?


      I was not able to get my unit due because i did not have an authorization letter and recontracting form ( agent who handled it did not email me before). Called the hotline and was given intructions about it, i indicated that the delivery service contact me when it's on the way, so after securing the documents, courier did not come back on the same day (March 28).


      I was expecting it to be delivered yesterday but it never came, called the hotline and they issued an email to the courier service (entrego? I think.). Today i followed it up because i was already expecting that it won't be delivered and the agent told me that it was the courier's responsibility to inform me about the delivery. But she told me that she emailed them again and should wait today.


      I think this courier service should not handle your company since they never inform/update the recepient about the delivery. Hotline gave me a tracking number and the website but i can't even access it. (Entrego.com.ph pls correct me if this is wrong).