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    lock-in period


      Hi.. I'd like to know how long is the lock-in period handset for my plan? My plan is unli txt 349 & powersurf99.. Is there a way to shorthen-up the period of handset?

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          Alec Jordan Buencamino

          If you are a new subscriber, i believe it's locked to 24 months contract. yun po ata ang standard ng globe. pero recently po globe gives you the freedom to choose how long your contract will be active. depende rin po ata kasi yan sa unit budled with the plan

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            Hi Dred. As mentioned by another member, the contract is for 24 months. That is given specially if you got a phone for free. With my long experience with Globe, the Store Staff explains to their subscriber how long the lock-in period is. They also ask them to sign a form saying that the contract is good for a certain period of time. Hoping this helps you.