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    How bad is your experience with globe hotline.


      Well with globes survey they give you the ability to rate it 0-10, with my experience it's definitely 0. My issue has been raised originally March 21 2018 (day when I receive my phone for recontracting) however as I raised the issue up until now April 06 2018 the status of it is still Pending. No update yet..."Like whaaaat? 15 days no update" well moving on so my new bill cycle is about to start (where i will be lock up for 24 month) anyway moving forward globes team gives no s##t about your issue if its itt in their department, i tried asking for the assistance from one of their supervisor but I was told by the representative that "the supervisor is busy assisting other caller" so since this happened to me I made up my mind while posting this that I will be cutting my ties with globe postpaid and internet for the issue and will have it escalated to NTC to file complint about it. As your cancellation team told me that due to the fact that there is an issue with the said recontracting done I will not be liable for anything for terminating my service but they dont want to process it. Let's just see each other at NTCs office for the complaint, P.S. I will not be accepting any form of compensation or settlement to please me to stay with globe I made up my mind and will just cancel everything.