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    No loyal customer consideration?


      I have received multiple calls from Globe asking me to get a new line with staggered payments for cash out. They said I am pre qualified. But I am hesitant to divulge any info via phone, so I said No. But I tried to renew my contracts (2 lines ending in about 2 and 3 months willing to pay for pre term fee) but the cx rep in the store told me I can't renew because I already used up my credit limit. Now I am confused. The phone person told me I can get an Iphone with staggered payment for the cash out but I can't get it in the stores? Bad thing about it, with the many lines I got from Globe, i feel not appreciated because I asked if I can staggered the cash pay out for an LG G6 or P10  but they said their promo for it is already done last April 4. How sad, for a loyal customer of 11 years (im guessing) with multiple phone and broadband lines, they can't make an exception? And the lady in the store did not even bother checking if she can do something about my request. Anyhow, this is one way of losing loyal customers.. Just for comparison sake, I can see Smart taking care of their loyal customers, half of the number of years I am with Globe.