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    Globe postpaid application


      I applied for a globe postpaid plan last week Monday(April 2, 2018), passed all requirements, and they said they will only need to call the HR of our company for verification. I also received a call from them that night and informed me that they only call the HR every Thursday to verify. So 1 week has passed and I still haven’t received a call from them so I decided to go to the store today(April 10). The staff said they are still validating and it is still on their queue and it looks like I need to wait for another Thursday for then to verify.


      Is there any other way to speed up things? They promised 3-5 working days to get the sim so I applied on a Monday, yet a week passed and still got nothing. I never experienced this kind of service in Japan when applying for a line. There it took me only 20-30 minutes to get my phone. No hassle, no useless verification(You already submitted a valid id, they could sue you if you don’t pay).