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    Unposted upfront payment, wrong info from contractors & CS rep


      So here's the story, we recently upgraded our home internet to the new GoUnli Plan 1899, 20mbps no lock-up plan.


      Upon installation, we had to pay the 4,500 upfront payment which the contractor informed me will cover the first 3 months of my new plan. I found out after that this is not true, as I received my first bill on my new plan with the charges. Spoke to CS who told me that what the contractor told me upon installation is not true and the upfront is payment for installation only - it does not cover the first 3 months.

      Also on my first bill, I noticed that the 4,500php upfront payment didn't reflect on my bill thus I received the first bill with a 6,400+ amount. I called 730100 hotline and asked about this, they got the info of my upfront payment receipt and said they would process this and should reflect on my next bill - even provided a reference code. They just advised me to pay the 1899php excess since that is what I was supposed to pay.


      I received my new bill today and the 4,500php is still reflected on the bill. I called the hotline again and provided the reference code from my last call, I found out that the last agent I talked to filed it as if I am requesting to extend my due date (reference code starts with HCA) and didn't file it as a report for unposted payment (reference code should start with UPP). It's frustrating to experience this since I just wanted my upfront payment to reflect on my bill as it could damage my good payment standing with Globe.


      Dear Globe,  please do something about issues like this with contractors and CS reps who don't know what they are doing. It's tainting your reputation as a service provided.