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      When we had Globe DSL we were constantly harassed by A LOT of issues. We probably already experience EVERY ISSUE there is in the internet. It was really frustrating and incredibly outrageous !


      We Had :

      - Intermittent Connection

      - Slow Connection

      - Ping Timeouts

      - HIGH Ping

      - No Internet Connection

      - Selective Browsing Issue

      - EVEN Interconnection Issue ( Phone )


      Now i remember a technician who visited us one time and i asked him about Globe Fiber. he said it was better, you will no longer have any issues with your ping etc. so i got Globe fiber and i was so disappointed to see my ping grew even larger than it was on my DSL. it felt like im really cheated here. its 50mbps Fiber Optics how can you possibly have higher ping than a DSL connection. WHAT ON EARTH ! i kept bugging them on that and after several months of JOB Orders they finally fixed it. i now have a ping that is slightly less than my DSL. 280-320ms became 267-278ms.. still disappointing considering that fiber optics is way better than copper wiring in transmitting data but fine, im fine with it.


      AND THEN ! our speed started dropping from 50mbps to 1mbps every 3 days and we had a fix on this by just simply restarting our modem. when we restart our modem we sometimes get back to 50mbps or still 1mbps and we just need to keep restarting. it was a PAIN !!! so their solution is to replace our modem, that actually worked because since then our speed was constantly 50mbps HOWEVER ! OUR DSL NIGHTMARES came back to haunt us.  INTERMITTENT CONNECTION RETURNS !!!!!! SCARRRYY !!! This was really frustrating to report because every time we get disconnected there are no technicians around. it happens in the morning and sometimes in the evening and even if we are scheduled for a visit in the morning our technicians arrive in the afternoon then tells us that they just inserted us in their BUSY schedule. i tell them we are scheduled in the morning !!!  SO so far ! these technicians did EVERYTHING THEY COULD they even sent their field officer as i requested, they changed the modem again, they rewired my connection from our house to the facility that is located 10-30 meters from our gate. but still we get intermittent connection. we recorded these outages and present them with screenshots and videos. the next call i gave them they started suggesting there was an issue affecting everybody with intermittent connection.. oh these words i know them well. just an excuse basically telling you just deal with it. i stopped there and now im here on the forums. im asking Globe company who we pay WITHOUT DELAY !

      WHY DONT YOU HAVE YOUR OWN ENGINEERS AND TECHNICIANS ??? WHY DO WE HAVE TO FACE CONTRACTORS ? EVERY F TIME I have to deal with them they sometimes tell me to LIE on the phone to close my job order. im sick of it. I dont want to deal with your contractors anymore ! this issue is RECURRING SO MUCH there has to be a more knowledgeable technician from GLOBE that can fix this. not your contractors. im sick of it i want this intermittent connection to stop. i hate having to accommodate technicians in our home so many times.


      PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE A 2ND LEVEL or a HIGHER LEVEL of SUPPORT THAN YOUR CONTRACTORS. IF I CALL THE HOTLINE I DONT WANNA SEE ANOTHER CONTRACTOR IN OUR GATE WAITING ! para kaming sirang plaka dito paulit ulit na lang. hindi na nila ma resolve yung issue baka nman ma resolve ninyo !


      "Reply from Destination Host Unreachable...."

      "Reply from Destination Host Unreachable...."

      "Reply from Destination Host Unreachable...."


      ANOTHER THING : I have a server in hongkong that i connect to. My usual ping to that sever is 47ms. BUT every time we lose connection my ping to that server returns to 200ms. i did a TRACERT and found that this is because one of the hops was made to a server in EUROPE ! WHY ?? I keep having to reboot my modem until i get into a connection that uses the SINGAPORE route to HK. pls see the attached screenshots that should explain what is going on.


          Hi Jason.. hmm i think there is an issue with the router it self. well iam not someone from globe but base on my experience nag intermittent ung internet connection ko so what i did is to buy my self another router which has a gigabit and etc on it then i requested sa globe na gawing modem ung binili ko so what they did is ginawa nilang main router ko ung binili ko then ung router nila is on din so mag kasama lang sila sa isang tabi then may air din na pumapasok and after they did that d na bumalik ang issue na ganyan saken. i think that what you should do since its fibr naman you'll need it!  and mas alam mo na mas matibay ung binili mo kesa dyan sa binibigay nila just a tip lang po:)


              What do you mean ? Naka on yung router nila and then naka on din yung router mo ? yung router mo naka connect sa router nila ? or totally set aside na yung router nila and yung router mo na ang ginagamit ? if naka connect lang ang router mo sa LAN port nila diba para mo lang ginawang switch your router mo ? tama ba ako ? bago kasi yang router nila yung malaki fiberhome parin. and pinalitan na nila halos 3x na ata. pero hanggang ngayon yung router nila umaabot parin ng 100% ang processor use nya tapos nagwawala yung connection, balik 0% ang processor use pero putol na kami.