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    Appalling customer service!


      I recently requested a 60GB booster for my postpaid LTE Globe at Home plan, via the Globe at Home Android app. According to the app, the request was going to be processed within four hours. It took 3 DAYS to get it done, and countless hours of frustrating chat on Facebook and Twitters. The Globe reps on Facebook and Twitter seem to be trained to maximizie aggravation and frustration of their customers. They reply to messages only once or twice a DAY, and they NEVER provide appropriate or accurate answers or solutions to problems. Instead, they reply to questions with other questions such as: please provide all the details of your account (which were already provided a little higher in the chat) or "did you check your spam folder?" when I complain about not receiving an email about my request, or statements such as "as of now, no booster is active in your account"... yes I KNOW: that's why I contacted you in the first place! After replying to their questions, they remain silent for hours or until the next day, despite being prompted to reply several times. Utterly useless.


      Eventually, three days later, the booster finally became active. Three days without internet


      I have also requested a plan upgrade via the myaccount web page, which was supposed to be taken care off "within 24 hours". It has been three days, and still nothing. And same circus and games with the FB and Twitter Globe rep.


      Really? Is this how your treat your customers??? You are VERY lucky to have a monopoly in this country...