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    Broadband Plan 1899 Go Unli  - No Voice




      As of this writing, Globe technical team was not able to provide a concrete solution to get Voice on my plan working. The voice is not working from the time it was installed last March 2, 2018. There are already 5 visits that was made by their 3rd party VisaTech to check the broadband and the phone. Here's their routine check:


      1. Arrive to my home location  - Always not on time

      2. Check the physical connections - Both broadband and phone

      3. Check the configuration - Going back and forth on GUI, changing something and hoping to get some luck

      4. Start calling multiple people - In case hope is not coming, they will ask help from OPS, or whomever can check the backend configuration.

      5. Will let us wait for how many hours - Minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 4 hours

      6. They will advise us that this has been endorse to Huawei since the problem is Voice - This is the only time they figure it out.

      7. They will let us monitor 24 hours and ask to reschedule.


      Then after this things happens, no one will call us back for any updates. We are just left on wondering what's going to be the next thing they will do. But no, here's another schedule and repeat 1-7 steps. I mean, seriously Globe? Another thing, the Technical team who will visit us does not even know any history or the issue that they are going to repair.