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    Broadband Plan 1699 Go Unli is a Carrier-grade NAT Network?




      I'm using PLDT DSL from 3 years ago.

      This month I see PLDT change my network under a Carrier-grade NAT Network I don't like it because I can't play game with my friend



      My game need a public ip and Port Mapping.

      The Carrier-grade NAT Network no public ip address (dynamic)



      and I also know NAT network Very unstable when I connect my SSH server If there is no operation within 2 minutes, it will be forcibly disconnected by PLDT


      So I plan to switch to Globe Broadband Plan 1699 Go Unli No Lock-Up it is a Carrier-grade NAT Network or I can get public ip address(dynamic)


      I just want a dynamic IP like before dhcp from ISP.


      I never discuss static public ip.  a dynamic public ip can meet my needs.