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    Internet trouble


      Hi! I would just like to ask somebody knowledgeable about this (possible) problem that I am experiencing. I have a Globe 100Mbps VDSL plan which is really expensive so I am expecting great service from this. I have no problems with my download/upload speeds since I'm getting 10-15mbps of it, though I understand that slowed download/upload speed may be due to the server from where I'm downloading.


      Clearly my internet is worthy of a 'good to better' internet cafe speed, but I am still having a huge ping on any games that I play on Steam. Paladins (yes, even SEA Server), Smite, PUBG, and Warface. Now I understand that this may be Steam's fault, but I tried downloading League of Legends which is run by Garena, and while I have no problems with my 'ping' running from 15-18ms I am having this massive delay in game which is ABSOLUTE ANNOYING as a 2mbps has a better and stable connection.


      Take note: I am not downloading anything, no apps are running, all phones and devices are disconnected from the Wi-Fi during this time. Only my computer was using the internet.


      Any help with this one? Should I contact customer service to get this checked out? I mean, 3899php is really a lot and I expect good or better services with it. It's like I'm using a 100mbps download speed, but with a bandwith of ADSL 2mbps plan.




      It's taken Globe a month for the technicians to get here, and when they did they still had problems and took 3 days before I had connection. So, yes, I am really pissed off about what's happened and now that it's all done... this happens! I have already tested the bandwith for 3 days now with only 4-8 hours of stable connection with the games.



      I've done a lot of testing and I can mostly confirm that my ping (most of the time which is like 18hrs a day) is for 2mbps ADSL plan.