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    Posts and threads being deleted


      Some of us have noticed that posts which are quite useful in the pursuit of better services are being deleted without due explanation which is contrary to this Community's objective "to exchange questions, opinions and suggestions about Globe-related concerns, service-usage tips, and other topics about our products and services."


      While we recognize your "right to delete any or all material/s that can be considered out of place", we feel that some of those which were deleted were VERY relevant in the pursuit of clarification, relevance and actual practice both by the subscriber and that of Globe.


      We understand that this community is one way Globe can determine the sentiments of its subscribers (I take pride in being a pioneer and loyal postpaid subscriber continously since1994) but at the same time a reflection of how service (or lack of) is being trickled down to its subscribers.


      Please give the true sentiments and the real facts a chance in this community by not deleting relevant and factual posts. Afterall, It's for the good of everyone.

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          the topic is relevant, and merely expressing their opinion.

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            A post I am subscribed to was missing. This post was about an LTE sim card activation for like 3 weeks now. It was authored by seventeen.

            The author and I are sending PM's about the issue. Last night, she sent me a message saying that her post was missing. She reposted the issue and was deleted right away. Do not give us this impression that you are bias. You are in the position and whatever we say, it is your discretion whether the post will stay or not.

            Feel free to accept criticisms. I posted comments in the thread with the intention to help and for Globe to realize that this is not right. I accept the fact that my comments are "strong" at times. Please do not take things personally. You represent Globe and it is your duty to listen to your customers.

            At work, I always say to my colleagues - The customer is our reason for being here. Keep your customers and they will keep you.

            It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages. - Henry Ford
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              Hi all. Thanks for raising this. While it is indeed true that the objective of the community is to hear the sentiments of the customers, we moderate them thinking of what this Community's purpose is all about -which is for concerns that other customers may help resolve.

              Example of what was moved to the private boards is the LTE Activation. It is account specific and can only be resolved by Globe. When such posts are left in the public, it doesn't help when people just say 'I also experienced the same thing!' or 'Me too I have a sim that's not activated.'

              We ensure that we send a message to the thread started when we move a thread out from the public's view. We've been exchanging messages with them to help resolve their concerns. This is also our way of educating members that this is not a ranting website, and that we have appropriate channels for those account specific concerns.

              Also, some of the posts are being posted with ALL CAPS in the title. Some of it we leave out there, but that plus a message that shouldn't be here are moved out.

              I hope this clarifies. Thanks.
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                @GlennO - Just a suggestion: When accessing a thread that is moved to the Private Boards, might as well prompt the members with a message saying - This issue/thread/post is being worked on. Seriously, I felt bad when @seventeen sent me a message about her posts being deleted from the Community. Good thing you made it clear to us. Now we're talking. Have a good one. :smileyhappy:
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                  @ChitoReyes - convincing rebuttal. Like!