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    LTE up to 42 Mbps but only getting 1-3Mbps?!


      Hi, I'm currently on plan 1799 with 11 GB Data allowance, I only have less than 1GB usage as of the moment but the speed of my data is very poor, I'm just in the metro manila, I am starting to think if paying 2k+ monthly (Plan 1799+ other charges) is still worth it provided that they're giving me an insanely poor service.


      What I have done so far:


      - Contacted Globe, did all TS steps over and over again. Reset the data on their end, turn off/restart phone, wait for 15min.


      - Removed sim card reinsert.


      - Removed sim card, put on another phone.


      I'm running out of patience Globe! If you would be so kind to check about the rants of your customer and provide the best service which other networks can't provide, then it will be a BIG RELIEF to all of us Globe subscribers.