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    Why is my plan upgrade getting denied?


      I am currently on an old Plan 2499 10MBPS with an 80GB limit.  I’ve been on this plan for years now, and I realized that Globe already offers faster service for the same price.  I called the hotline to check if the 100MBPS plan for the same amount is available in my location.  The agent cofirmed that it was (ang tagal pa namin nagusap so I can pinpoint my exact home location).  So he processed my request, but a day later, globe sends me an SMS that the plan is not available in my area. 


      I went to the Globe store in Alabang, and they reconfirmed on site that the area can accomodate the plan I wanted.  Another ticket was processed, but a day later same rejection note via SMS.  I hope Globe can explain why they don’t want to upgrade my plan.  What do I need to do to get my upgrade?


      Can anyone help?