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    other way to increase my download speed


      I have 10mpbs plan with 400gb cap but i'm experiencing slow download internet speed even though the tower statistic for 10mbps speed is the same as when I'm having 1.8mbps speed..


      I called  the customer service about the problem but they said that they can't fix it because I'm out of the range of their tower they told me to change plan to DSL or terminate my account.


      Before that I suggested the idea of congestion but they said that there's no problem when their tower.. though every midnight to morning I can enjoy the 10mbps  and suffer slow down around 8am to 11pm and its back to 1.8mbps


      so I'm here to ask for help, because I need to do these on my own.  is there any advice that you can tell me?.



      oh by the way, globe is the only internet provider in the area, and the DSL is not available too.


      I dont want to use pocket wifi. I'm a heavy  user..