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    Intermittent Connection ( ISP TIME-OUT /Unidentified/Others)


      For the past few months, my family's internet connection has been experiencing an issue where the internet connection would be perfectly fine for a while and then, without warning, disconnects. No slowness, no warning, nothing. It just straight up disconnects. When this happens, the router's Internet and DSL lights will go out. Either that or the internet light goes red and in the router's maintenance page (192.168.XXX.XXX) it'll either read Isp Time-out, Unidentified, Others.


      To fix this, i restart the router either via the power button or the maintenance page and the internet starts to work again for about 15 minutes - about 2 hours. I have called Technical support 3 times about this already and whenever they technicians come, the problem still persists.


      The problem is just so random. The internet itself has no problem, in fact it's pretty good. But it just drops so often it's becoming so annoying and disruptive. Anyone else experiencing this issue ? Suggestions ?