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    credit limit increase - please HELP




      I am a loyal customer of Globe and sadly, being loyal, made you unimportant and unwanted. Sadly and very unfortunate that the very network and mobile provider whom i trusted turned me down. I tried contacting and emailing but to no avail. Anyway, long story short, is there any reliable and trustworthy Globe person that I can talk to help me get what i wanted. i really wanted to settle this matter before i disconnect my line and find other network provider.

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          Hi iansamson,

          Welcome to Globe Community. I understand the frustration and we are here to give advise on what are the best things to do. May we know the background of your concern? Your title says, it's regarding increasing of a Credit Limit. As an overview, credit limit assignment is derived and computed based on your submitted proof of financial capacity and the like. If Globe hasn't updated their bracket. Below is the guide on how the credit limit is being handled.

          Request for Increase of Credit Limit is always subject for Credit Polices and approval. For more information and for account related concern, you may also call our Customer Service Hotline 211 (via Globe Mobile) or (02)730-1000 via landline.


          Thank you.

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              Hello, Carlo


              Thank you for taking time to respond. One of my main concerns is being passed from one account manager to the other without giving me any update.  I would appreciate if someone could really assist me regarding this. I have submitted the necessary documents and it just fell on deaf ears. All  I got is sorry, excuses and canned email replies. 


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