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    Guaranteed Upload speed


      Based on their technical support, there is always a 60% guaranteed download speed.  This is for DSL connections (not Fiber).

      For example, a 1Mbps subscription will have a 600Kbps guaranteed speed. 

      For a 5Mbps download, the guaranteed speed will be 3Mpbs.

      For a 10Mbps advertised download, guaranteed download speed is 6Mbps.


      In any case that it goes below the guaranteed speed, you get the chance to call up their very accommodating support team and have it fixed.  (Globe still have better after sales support compared to PLDT.  But PLDT has better features like no data cap.)


      Those are examples of the advertised download speeds.  I don't see any advertised upload speed.  What is the guaranteed UPLOAD speed then?  Please answer for DSL.


      Side notes:

      I assume Fiber connection should be giving the same upload and download speeds (lucky for those areas who have this available)  since they use optic fiber where data is sent using light (faster than electricity).  Unless marketing just used the "fiber" name as a means to get more customers without knowing what it means.

      I am not sure if NTC nor DTI nor Duterte approves of the 60% guaranteed speed rate even though we paid for the advertised download speed.  It just feels unfair somehow.