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    Stolen Load


      So I made my first GoSAKTO promo, it was Unlimited calls to Globe/TM/ABS-CBN/Cherry only, set it to 20 minutes time limit, and it costs 15php. So I subscribed to my promo and received a text saying that i can use my promo. I called my friend (not out of the country) and the time limit of 20 minutes ended the call. I wanted to call my friend again but it said "Sorry you do not have enough load in your account to make this call etc." I tried checking my "Current Usage" in the GoSAKTO option, then it sent me a text saying "Status: Your 0 minutes to Globe/TM/ABS-CBN/Cherry from your GoSAKTO subscription will expire on 2018=5=18 18:52:43."


      So I have wasted my 15php to just a single call which clearly states it was "Unlimited for 1 day" and got a text that says i got 0 minutes?! Now I know you won't give me my load nor my promo back but I want you to atleast fix this issue for my future usage of promos. This also happens to the "PromoCombo". I am afraid to reload higher amounts of money because of this issue. Please ensure a fix on this because other people are having the same issue yet NO REPLY AT ALL.


      Please notice this post.


      Have a nice day! - Drei