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    Moaning "Private Number"


      During my nochewingbecauseImgonnabelate breakfast, my phone rang. I grabbed my phone hoping to hear a good news from my boss or a client but to my surprise it came from a "Private Number". I hesitate to answer but thinking it might be important so I answered it. At first, there was no one on the other line. Few seconds later I heard a non recognizable noise, I keep saying "hello" but boom! THE MOANING HAPPENED!! I'm pretty sure it came from a man but come on ITS A FREAKING MOAN!! It scared the hell out of me! I cancelled the call and 2mins later a number +0000 called me but nah! Not wanna hear anything creepy so I didn't answer it.


      As a female, receiving this kind of call is alarming. Hope somebody could help me block or trace the person behind this "Private Number"