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    Billing last Sept 2017 that I thought was already settled


      I had may bayantel account already terminated last sept 2017 after settling the last due net of billing adjustment for the days that may phone has no line service(most of the time, manila area) .Recently a globe staff called at my aunt's pldt line looking for me and asking to settle my due.

      Upon checking, that was the billing adjustment.

      I was shocked coz after 8 months.I thought I already paid my dues and they claim thatvit was not approved with no concrete proof.I even check if my last pymnt was posted,  i am not advised that it was not approved the cust rep even offered me to avail globe landline. And since she cannot commit if the sytem will change coz i always have trouble in our line. I did not avail the service.



      For the past 8 months, i did not receive any notice on my billing address or call on my cellphone.I did not change my number.  I do not know why they called my aunt's pldt line. Maybe that was my last record when I complained about our land line which was always having trouble.



      And now they want me to settle or they are offering 50% off the due. The billing adjustment was only 180.27 but I just get disappointed with the service. Staff who attended me was not accurate,she make me believe that payment was already settled, receive no notice.and now i discover that adjustment was not approve because of no concrete proof. They did not even check the area if it has always trouble with line connection. 

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Ria.


          Ken here and I'm very sorry to hear that. Let me check your account for you. Let's chat privately. Thanks!

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              Hi Ken,

              Thank you. I already received an email from customer service that they had already processed the billing adjustment. I hope this time it is not declined.

              After coordinating with globe, The person still keeps on calling my aunt's number to get my contact info. Afraid that it was a scam, My aunt refuse to give my number and instead get their number so I can call back.

              The number who called me was already posted in this globe community telling that it was a scam.

              I called them so that they would not bother my aunt and found out that they were a law firm. They asked for my personal contact number so they can call me directly.I told them that they should coordinate with globe and asked for my number since they have access on my info and be the one to give an update or feedback to their collection agencies or law firm.

              After that they never called my aunt's number and hopefully it was the last.