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    Two bills with different acct nos after plan upgrade




      I'm asking community first because I don't want to deal with the call wait time.

      Side question: Can someone give me the Globe chat support username on Messenger?



      Previous plan: LTE 1099 2M 20G with acct no 870692136 (LTE with no landline)

      Upgraded to new plan on Apr 6: LTE 1299 10M 50G ALL DAY YT inclusions UNLI BB Bundle-Globe Free 24mos. with same acct no 870692136 (LTE with landline)



      Already paid April and May bills for the account 870692136 (bill cut off 26th of each month)

      But received a new bill for the landline with a new account number:

      Account Number: 1064785123

      Mobile Number: 917xxxxxx

      Billing Period: 04/11/2018 - 05/10/2018

      Bill Number: 2

      Amount to Pay: PHP 105.00

      Due Date: 05/31/2018

      It says bill number 2 but this is the first time I'm receiving a bill for this account number.

      I tried to <Add Account> on MyAccount.globe using the 106-- acct no but it says invalid acct no. Tried using the landline number but it sent a code and the phone, being a landline, cannot receive or send texts. I also cannot remove the simcard. Tbh, I barely use it.


      I was also informed that I will only receive one consolidated bill.


      See reference:

      Note that 870-- acct no usually send bills on the first of the month, so month of May bill will be sent on first week of June.

      Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 2.18.01 AM.png