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    DSL Facility Issue - Intermittent Connection, Frequent Modem Desynchronization


      I am continuously experiencing frequent modem disconnection or losing its sync from the facility, and there were instances that it would take a 30 minutes to an hour and multiple for the modem to authenticate and get a sync from the facility. I have called the customer service (02 730-1000) multiple times, had a few technical visits at my house, had replaced the modem 3 times, but still the problem still persist.


      One technician said that it could be a facility capacity issue in my area since the DSLAM here (yes the main cabinet found on the street, where the distribution frame/point mounted on the pole is connected to) is serving 2 densely populated subdivisions and 1 highly populated commercial area. I have asked the technician, what steps are being taken by Globe Telecom to fix this capacity problem being faced by some of their facility deployed in many areas? then he patiently and politely answered my question by they (Globe Telecom) are doing constant upgrades such as uplink port upgrade and adding VDSL2 cards/modules (with ADSL2 fallback, perhaps?) to the facility. I have asked the technician if the facility we are connected to has a VDSL2 modules installed, and he replied yes but these weren't activated yet. Why?


      At the time before the modem loses it sync it doesn't show any precursory symptoms, no decrease of SNR Margin (~22dB), line attenuation and profiles are normal. They were not able to address and solve the issue.


      P.S. A field engineer took a visit and check the internet and had the downstream profile downgraded to ~12200 Kbps (~10 Mbps, 150 GB, 1599) from GoFast 1599 15 Mbps 150GB (without refreshing the contract), due to facility issue.