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    BlackBerry 10 Software Update - Announcements, Feedbacks and Reviews


      Earlier at 12:58 am, May 5th, BlackBerry Software Update for OS 10.1 arrived at our Globe exclusive Z10 units. I immediately click to install but then I also tried to check the BlackBerry Link on my Mac if the OS Update shows. I connected my unit via USB cable and an asterisk (*) appeared on the tab and indicated an OS update. I decided to install the OS 10.1 via BB Link and stopped the installation via OTA (over-the-air) on my Z10. The installation took about less than an hour but I'm not sure since I didn't check it hahaha and I was so sleepy at that time hehehe. Anyway, the unit restarted and I let it recover all the data first.


      Afterwards, I went to BlackBerry World app and clicked the Check for Updates and I let it update all the apps.


      The result: Faster, smoother Z10. Notifications are all there at the Hub. Better keyboard performance when it comes to Word Suggestions. The edit circle is bigger and easier to hold and move about within your composition and it's now easier to edit. I have yet to monitor the battery performance if there's any improvements. Or, better yet, do try updating yours and give it a try and post some of your experiences with the new OS 10.1.


      Cheers! :smileyhappy: