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    Unbilled Charges every single day


      So I had unbilled charges last June 2 and I paid for it on the same day. They reconnected my line and I was happy. The next day (June 03), I received a text messages saying that I had unbilled charges with the exact same amount as I paid for the previous day. I called customer service and clarified that I did paid those charges. They confirmed and reconnected my line. The day after (June 5), I received the message that I had unbilled charges with the same amount AGAIN. I called up customer service and told them about it and they said they were going to fix it. They reconnected my line that day too. And as I feared, I received another text with the same message. "We've temporarily deactivated your outgoing services because your unbilled charges already exceeded the credit limit of this number." WHAT UNBILLED CHARGES?! I HAVEN'T SENT A SINGLE TEXT MESSAGE TO ANYONE! I can't keep calling customer service for this! And don't tell my to go to my accounts. The thing hasn't updated ANYTHING!


      Anyone know someone from globe? Someone who can fix this? Because customer service seems to not be doing well in updating my account.