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    Globe random disconnections since we got a new router (ZXHN H108N V2.5)


      So last month Globe gave us a new router since our old router (Aztech DSL5018EN) broke from a power serge. I had no issues with our old router but the new one (ZXHN H108N V2.5) is giving me hard time everyday i get random disconnections and it would go down for like 5-30mins.



      So i called globe i went into details with this agent i spoke with then after 2 days a technician came. I told him everything.
      And guess what he did, he put a router an old TP-Link one in my room which is 3 meters from the new router (ZXHN H108N V2.5) and I'm using a LAN cable connecting from the new router which he did was completely useless, plus i was observing him doing it and he doesn't even know how to change the wifi's password in the old router after 5mins he gave up and said to me "sir nasa likod ng router yung password" i had to point that out as well because changing a wifi's password is basic, after that I told him "sir what about the router i get random disconnections" he replied "just call me whenever it happens" and I was like WTF?


      can you guys send like a professional one instead next time globe?


      my promo is the 1899 unli


      can someone help? Thanks