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    Pay Pagibig Housing Loan Via GCash


      I have read that you can pay Pagibig Loan via GCash, I have few questions:


      1. Do I need the Billing Statement (usually came late, or sometimes it doesnt reach our home) to pay via Gcash, does it uses any Ref # from the Bill?


      2. if the answer from above, is not(not required), since the payment facility doesnt include any Date, does this pay the current month?


      3. (additional on Q2) : can i pay multiple monthly Loan amort(rather than deducting from principal).?

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          Hi pongscript, You can access your PagIbig Housing Loan Statement thru PagIbig Website, select E-Services and look for Housing Loan Payment Verification


          1. From the link above, you can view your latest billing statement so no need to wait. Yes, you need to use the 20-digits Payment Reference Number to pay using GCash.


          2. Payment will be considered for the latest month since Payment Reference Number is unique for each month, and you can only use the latest Reference number to pay using Gcash and it is only valid once.


          3. If you have previous unpaid amortization, I would encourage to include it on the total payment you are going to make since only 1 Payment reference Number will be accepted. Let say, previous unpaid amortization is 8,000 and the current amortization is 8,000, you can pay 16,000 using the latest reference number.


          Over payment will still be deducted on your next billing.


          If you have clarifications, feel free to reply on this thread or you may also get in touch with PagIbig Holtine

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              I'll try this later.

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                  Hello! Sorry, I thought this is for PagIbig Housing Loan, not for SSS.


                  Carlo Mora

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                      no you're correct... just forgot that I was asking about pagibig and not SSS. got jumbled up.


                      Actually I was trying to make everything online.. from paying bills, paying sss/pagibig and bank transfer.

                      somehow this is what im able to come up:


                      * BPI(payroll) to BPI (savings) - OK

                      * BPI(payroll) to Globe Postpaid(2 lines) - OK


                      * BPI(payroll) to gcash - OK

                      * GCash <> AMEX <> Ebay - OK

                      * Gcash <> Paypal <> Ebay - not tested

                      * Gcash to SSS - Not yet Tested

                      * Gcash to Pagibig - Not yet Tested


                      * Gcash to RCBC Savings (this one failed as i open a new account from wrong bank, should be rcbc commercial and not rcbc savings.. rcbc savings dont have facility to connect to gcash, will wait for a month or two to prevent fees/charges.. and I'll transfer my savings to commercial)


                      * RCBC Savings <-> RCBC Time Deposit Settlement Account <- OK


                      * RCBC Time Deposit -> RCBC Time Deposit Settlement Account <- waiting for automatic transfer to happen


                      * gcash to security bank <- i dont think this is supported. so probably my best bet is to do ATM deposits.

                      * security bank to second security bank account <- OK


                      * gcash to metrobank <- not sure if they will support this in the future, but I already transfer my funds to different bank(rcbc).