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    Question about plan upgrade


      I'm currently subscribed to plan 1299 10mbps 50gb. This past Monday I received a call from globe and they told me that my account is now applicable for an upgrade to mimo plans 1899 and below, so the following day Tuesday I contacted globe via messenger and told them that I want to upgrade my plan to 1699 15mbps 600gb they then submitted a report for my upgrade and told to wait for no longer than 24 hours for my upgrade to be completed. This morning I received a text regarding the upgrade, it is stated that the upgrade wasn't successful because the plan that I wanted is not yet available in my area. This Confuses me because, why would they call and tell me that I can now upgrade, if mimo plans are not yet available in my area, and also I tried checking globe at home app to confirm if I can really upgrade and there is a couple of options from 1599 - 1699 - 1899.... So is there a way to make them upgrade my account even if my area is not covered by the plan that I want?


      Edit 1: I'm on LTE by the way, not DSL or Fiber, so it's not like they need to upgrade some kind of cabinet for me to get the speed or bandwidth that I want, actually I'm getting way more than 15mbps using regular lte sim with regular load I'm getting an average or 30+mbps down and 5-8mbps up, so clearly my area is more than capable of handling plan 1699