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    What's happening with my application?


      I have applied online and got a call from a representative on May 29. I was asked to submit a copy of my id and credit card before 5 pm and I did. 7 days passed before I got another call, a few questions were asked, and after an hour or so I got another call letting me know that all I needed to do then was fill out the ATC form for the payment. I have done that. The problem is, every time Globe calls (since yesterday) the connection is really bad. It's perhaps because of the weather. Either I really couldn't hear what the representative was saying or the call gets disconnected. What I want to know is, what's the call about at this point? They already have my credit card details and the authorization to process the payment. Also, can't they just send whatever they need to tell me through email?

      It's all getting a little frustrating.