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    Request sent but NO reply from AAA


      Modem: Aztech DSL5068EN(1T1R)


      Any idea/clue/hint what causes this?


      The issue starts with,

      1. Internet connection suddenly dropping, streams stop, I get dc'd from any online activity, etc
      2. 1-2 minutes in, internet LED changes to red while DSL light remains steady green
      3. About 3-4 minutes later, the DSL LED would start blinking. then would start trying to reconnect
      4. DSL LED becomes steady green
      5. Internet LED stays red for couple more minutes until it goes back to green


      I encountered this issue almost always after changing modem from Prolink to Aztech. After the change, the issue would occur around 4-5 times per day.

      I reported and got technician to give me a new PPPoE username and password because they said it seemed as if my old PPPoE username was duplicated. And that someone was using my username to login which was causing the conflict and disconnecting my session. I paraphrased but those were the keywords they used. "duplicated, used for testing, session"


      The new PPPoE username did help but it only reduced the occurrence to 1-2 a day.


      Is this an issue isolated to Aztech modems? Anyone else experience this?


      A snippet of modem system logs:

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Informational] syslog: No response to 60 echo-requests

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Notice] syslog: Serial link appears to be disconnected.

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Informational] syslog: Connect time 158.7 minutes.

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Informational] syslog: Sent 12299604 bytes, received 66384717 bytes.

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Informational] syslog: LCP down.

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Warning] kernel: Link State: INTERNET CONNECTION IS DOWN.

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Warning] kernel: WS++ Internet LED is RED.

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Warning] kernel: Radvd function activated!

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Warning] kernel: Enter set first loop, IP addr by radvd

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Warning] kernel: dhcp6s parameter activated by exec!

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Warning] kernel: Enter set first loop, IP addr by Dhcp6s

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Informational] radvd[27983]: version 1.5 started

      2018-06-07 20:08:39 [Error] dhcp6s[28005]: dhcp6_ctl_authinit: failed to open /etc/dhcp6sctlkey: No such file or directory

      2018-06-07 20:08:49 [Notice] syslog: Connection terminated.

      2018-06-07 20:08:51 [Emergency] kernel: unregister_netdevice: waiting for ppp0 to become free. Usage count = 4

      2018-06-07 20:08:51 [Warning] kernel:

      2018-06-07 20:08:51 [Warning] kernel: Set ppp0 refcnt as 0 to avoid endless loop

      2018-06-07 20:08:51 [Notice] syslog: Modem hangup

      2018-06-07 20:08:51 [Informational] syslog: LCP down.

      2018-06-07 20:08:55 [Informational] syslog: LCP is allowed to come up.

      2018-06-07 20:08:55 [Informational] syslog: Sent PADT

      2018-06-07 20:08:55 [Notice] syslog: WS++ PPPoE username is <removed>@globelines.com.ph

      2018-06-07 20:09:45 [Warning] syslog: Timeout waiting for PADO packets

      2018-06-07 20:09:45 [Warning] syslog: ^M WS++ recv PADO failed!!!

      2018-06-07 20:09:45 [Warning] syslog: ^M WS++ Internet connection is Down!!!

      2018-06-07 20:09:45 [Warning] syslog: ^M WS++ Internet LED is RED!!!

      2018-06-07 20:09:46 [Error] syslog: Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery


      For some reason system won't allow me to attach the full system logs.