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    No Internet service for more than a week(Fiber)


      Hi I'm a globe fiber internet customer and I lost service since June 1, 2018, the LOS indicator in my modem is in RED light, I called customer service that day to request for an on site visit but the worse part is yet to come. Globe wasn't able to send technician until June 5th (Which as of the current I still have no service, LOS is in red light) due to that I called back on May 29th regarding my slow connection issue, I called customer service and did basic trouble shooting and ended up sending technician the next day May 30. Tech arrive on May 30 only to find that the reason of my slow connection is I ran out of bandwidth (Currently under 1899 plan 50mbps @ 600gb allowance), which could have easily resolved and save those tech the trouble of having to come at my place if only the customer service representative i spoke with verified or noticed that I ran out of data. Because of that, the JOB ORDER number(which i forgot already, FAB18050008995 ref number) is still open so when I lost service on June 1st they couldn't send technician as the ticket still open. Technician arrived on June 5th morning, did some re-wiring in my place, service went back but right after the technician left, the same issue came back, LOS in RED light, no service. I called the same day and spoke to a supervisor and guaranteed that the technician will come back to fix(back job) the trouble before 5pm of June 5, but no one came, so I called back again and after I spoke to another supervisor and said I will receive a call from the support group(these department are in charge of dispatching techs in the field), so later that day around 6pm+ I received the call and said the tech will arrive before 8pm, but guess what? No technician at all. I called later that evening and the next morning June 6 and the CSRs assured me that a tech will be at my place on that day, still no one came only to find out there was no ticket at all indicating of a tech visit and my previous JOB ORDER 37882467 is still open(ran out of bandwidth). The same thing happened on JUne 7, I called in, and was told a tech will come and no one showed up at my place. I called in again on June 8 morning and spoke to another supervisor Emjhay Natsume, she was very helpful and contacted the Field Office assigned to my place named Keith Domanico(i dont know how you spell his name) and said a technicial will come to my place in the afternoon but as I've lost hope with globe, no one came... and called gaian your customer service and when I ask for a supervisor and was in aobut to being transferred to one, I was put on hold and soon be disconnected/hang up on. This is truly beyond unacceptable. I will file a complaint and necessary legal action to this matter, I just paid our monthly bill on june 5, this is an advance billing, we pay for the coming months.