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    Inquiry on prepaid load and one year expiry


      Inquiry on Globe prepaid load and now one year expiry



      Asking guys here who are knowledgeable and experienced.


      What about Globe prepaid by share-a-load and now one year expiry period?


      Today, June 16, 2018, I just lost 507 pesos of Globe prepaid load, owing to my expiry date is June 16, 2018.


      And upon checking my balance, it is indeed reported as zero balance.


      But I received text messages, and I succeeded to send text messages: so notwithstanding that my balance is now zero, the cellphone still works at least for text messages - even though the balance is reported as zero.


      It must be because I received a share-a-load of 101 pesos 45 days earlier: wherefore even though my balance is reported as zero, in fact the 507 pesos have not been confiscated by Globe, because now as long as the one year period has not been completed, and the balance is not used up, then the cellphone continues to work: i.e. until the balance is all used up, or the one year expiry time is already completed (even though there is still balance left).


      But I have not used my cellphone for any voice calls from at this point in time.


      I fear that perhaps voice calls will not be available because the reported balance is already zero?


      What do you guys say, who are knowledgeable more experienced?


      1. 1. Question: How does the one year expiry apply to prepaid load obtained by share-a-load, which prepaid balance was 507 pesos, but wiped out by Globe to zero for my forgetting to add more load prior to the expiration date of 45 days after the share-a-load which had 507 pesos balance (now reduced to zero owing to my forgetting to add more load).


      1. 2. Question: How do we get to know how much more days are available prior to the one year expiry deadline (and the balance is not yet zero)?
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            Thanks anyone for reading my post.


          Yesterday, June 17, Sunday, I spent some hours asking around people who are into selling prepaid load like sari sari store owners and operators, and also owners and operators of cellphone shops, and ordinary people who use mobile phones.


          You know what?


          No one seems to know about the new one year expiry date for prepaid loads with mobile phones.


          Try it yourselves, or ask yourselves what you know about the now prevailing one year expiry for mobile prepaid loads.


          Now here is what I learned from reading the internet, namely, very little if any explanation of the one year expiry date and its mechanics.


          Here is what I learned with reading the internet on the Philippine one year expiry date for mobile prepaid loads.


          But why am I at all writing here in this website of Globe community?


          Because I want to meet people here who know better: the mechanics of the one year expiry date.


          And why do I want to know more?


          Because then I will know better how to time my purchase of more prepaid load.


          Okay, here is what I learned by reading the internet on the Philippine new one year expiry for prepaid mobile phone loads:


          1. When your balance is 300 pesos or more, then whatever the expiry date of the balance report from the mobile operating company, your now expiry date is one year, counting from when you last bought a prepaid load, like this: you bought your last prepaid load on April 2, 2018, then now your expiry date is April 2, 2019 – unless you use up your load completely before the completion of the one year time span, for then you have no more money in your prepaid load, it’s like having no more gas in your car gas tank.


          1. When your balance is less than 300 balance, then no one year expiry of one year but still expiry as per the latest report from your mobile phone service company of your balance and also your expiration date - but this provision will no longer bind on July 5, 2018, at this date even balance below 300 pesos will enjoy one year expiry date (so keep ahead of your expiration date until July 5, 2018).


          Now, here is the trouble I am having: How do I know from the mobile company how far have I gone into exhausting my one year expiry period, so that I can add more prepaid load in order to start a new one year expiry period?


          I search everywhere in the internet for the mechanics of the one year expiry period, and I do not find any mechanics much less explanation of the mechanics from any mobile phone companies.


          So, please come forward, guys who are knowledgeable and experienced, on the matter of the now new one year expiry period for prepaid mobile phone loads.


            If you need explanation for my writing in my posting here, please let me know and I will try better to explain my writing here.

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              Yesterday, Monday (it is now Tuesday), I again went around asking users of mobile phone what they know about the now new and prevailing one year expiry period.


              My finding on the people I asked: No, no one knows about that!


              But I noticed something strange, there are now less or hard to find business outlets selling prepaid cards!!!!


              And it is also hard to find an outlet like a sari-sari store selling prepaid loads, this is how the sale of prepaid loads is done:


              You write down your mobile phone number on the notebook of the guy selling prepaid load, for example: 09374649105 (don't bother to try it, because it is pure fiction from me...), and the amount of money cost of the prepaid load you want to buy, for example, 101 pesos - that will give you a load that will last (previously) 45 days.


              The seller does something with his mobile phone - one of his phones, and your mobile phone gives forth the sound indicating a message has arrived.


              And you read the message like the following: You have received a prepaid load of 101 pesos, good for 45 days.




              The message does not say that your load will be good for one year, because you just bought only 101 pesos worth of load, less than 300 pesos: for the present only purchases of loads 300 pesos and above entitle you to one year expiry period.


              Loads less than 300 pesos for now will follow the previous numbers of corresponding effective days, until July 5, 2018.


              As I said or wrote earlier here in this post, it is hard to locate a business outlet selling prepaid load, unlike before when there were a lot of folks into earning small profits selling prepaid loads.


              Now, I am still searching in the internet for the mechanics and its explanation on the new and now prevailing one year expiry period of prepaid load.


              I will report here again.