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    Credit Card on Web Loading




      As an Globe customer, when I load my phone account, I prefer to use my Credit Card. That saves me time running to the store to ask for load.


      The problem with Web Loading, it doesn't work all that well. Then I will explain why.


      I have to type in my mobile number each time. I don't remember my mobile number as I never call myself.


      There are only two options to select the product, I have to use GOSURF50. I want to select another package, but I cannot as I cannot view it.


      Then I have to enter in my Credit Card details.


      The first attempt to process my payment, the payment fails. My second attempt to process my payment, the payment fails. I have to repeat each this all the time by entering my mobile number, selecting product, enter in my details. Each time, this will take me 5 minutes.


      Anyway, it always works on my third attempt to make an successful payment. I've been entering my Credit Card details correctly and I always double check. But the payments always fail on the first and second attempt. Only works on my third attempt.


      Now, that's a total of 15 minutes to process a load from the Credit Card. You should have a system where you can do it between 10 to 30 seconds.


      As a web developer and website validator, I never seen so much rubbish for a leading and big telecom company like Globe. I have a couple of suggestions for Globle Telecom.


      1. Totally remove the Credit Card processing system and develop a better system.


      2. Save Credit Card information. Not saving Credit Card numbers, but creating the Credit Card tokens where you can use the tokenization credit card to add in the funds.


      3. Just credit the account with funds without buying a package.


      4. Use the credited account to purchase the package. Select package and then confirm if you have the balance.


      5. Most of all, credit it from your account without typing in the mobile phone number.


      Come on Globe, maybe I've done this type of work before and my wife said Philippines is a third world country and Globe don't care. Come on, show some love for your customers and build a better credit card feature. It's not hard to do. It's only a days work for one developer to develop better processing system. We don't live in the 20th century anymore.


      That's my rant for the day and I hope I get a reply back from the development team soon. Maybe not.