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      I have been using PLDT DSL for cecades and I can't renembet having hours of no internet connection.

      I swapped to Globe because they was the first who could install fiber broadband in my area 

      Now the second time in a month the internet connection does not work.

      Are those of you who are using Globe for a long time accepting thid substandard service?

      I consider to mive on as soon as another fiber connection becomes available in my area 

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Heinz.


          Ken here. May I know how's your connection now?

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              Hi Ken




              The internet works. I have a problem with the WiFi side, the signal drops frequently below -100dBm. This might not be a Globe problem but some environmental influence. I am also surprised that the WiFi signal from the Huawei router jumps over all channels. This might be a setting as the router connects to the strongest, least congested channel. Bottom line is, I actually don’t need the Huawei WiFi as I have my own router and WiFi network set up. I need the router just to be programmed as a modem and the WiFi part to be switched off. I expected a technician to show up yesterday but no one came around.


              I am also surprised that when I tried to upgrade to a higher speed I got the message that I was not eligible yet. As I paid the modem I am don’t have a lock-in period. Your call center agent however told me that higher speed than the 20MBs are not yet available in our area, despite I see tarpaulins everywhere propagating 100MBs.




              Anyhow, nothing urgent at the moment. I hope however that the internet drop out for hours are not too frequent.


              If  technician is in the area he might drop in so I can show him the above mentioned problem.




              Heinz Manhart