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    broadband go unli


      I have an inquiry regarding the Home plan I have subscribed which is Broadband plan 1899 Go Unli (fiber connection) with up to 10/15/20 Mbps.

      As I have verified with a Globe agent, my area of residence has only 15Mbps fiber connection but the monthly plan/payment is still 1,899pesos.

      Is this not unjust for subscribers with 10 and 15Mbps connection but pays the same amount with the 20Mbps connection?

      The scheduled installation is on June 24, Sunday and I am contemplating if I will still subscribe with the plan.


      Additional information I have learned that the 10 and 15 Mbps is in DSL connection only.

      In your website, it is not stated that these speed connections are different with the 20 Mbps (fiber) connection but they are on the same monthly payment plan. Is this not a false advertisement?

      Paying the same amount but with less benefits is unfair to your clients.

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          The Globe website clearly states that Service/plan availability and actual speed may vary upon assessment. It means if the fiber connection is not yet available on your area, the maximum speed that you can enjoy is the current applicable speed on your location.

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            Hello there, been browsing the forums lately to look for answers too.

            then I saw this. Yes I too feel that the ads is misleading.

            Specially with the flyers. the ones given in our area only shows this 20mbps vdsl plan.

            I only learned 10/15/20mbps plan exists when I browsed it on their website. Because, 10mbps and 20mbps are of very different speeds. encapsulating them on a single plan is very very unfair. Like what had happened to me, the agent told us that he will contact the engineer assigned in our area, then the next day both of them were at our doorsteps saying that 20mbps is feasible (well I really cant tell if that's the engineer alright). I know speeds can be compromised by distances with regards to broadband. Maybe I'm wrong to take their word for it. To cut the chase, we were given a line, its 10mbps (primarily, according to the agent) which will then be boosted to 20mbps once they have submitted the written application to the main office. This will happen again, according to them in a matter of 24hrs. Viola, a week passed, still got the same 10mbps speed (which is very consistent, every hour on the hour as I checked). Now my point is, I just hope that Globe made the plans more understandable to all. Not that I hate my plan, it just happens that I was not serviced the promised speed in a plan which is quite unfairly categorized, meaning they should have created a much cheaper plans for 10/15mbps other than that of 20mbps. I got needs, 10 vs 20 is totally different.