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    braodband go unli


      I have an inquiry regarding the Home plan I have subscribed which is Broadband plan 1899 Go Unli (fiber connection) with up to 10/15/20 Mbps.

      As I have verified with a Globe agent, my area of residence has only 15Mbps fiber connection but the monthly plan/payment is still 1,899pesos.

      Is this not unjust for subscribers with 10 and 15Mbps connection but pays the same amount with the 20Mbps connection?

      The scheduled installation is on June 24, Sunday and I am contemplating if I will still subscribe with the plan.


      Additional information I have learned that the 10 and 15 Mbps is in DSL connection only.

      In your website, it is not stated that these speed connections are different with the 20 Mbps (fiber) connection but they are on the same monthly payment plan. Is this not a false advertisement?

      Paying the same amount but with less benefits is unfair to your clients.

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          The Globe website clearly states that Service/plan availability and actual speed may vary upon assessment. It means if the fiber connection is not yet available on your area, the maximum speed that you can enjoy is the current applicable speed on your location.

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            10/15/20mbps is variable speed that you can get if this available on your area. doesnt mean a false advertisement the only problem Ads doesn't clarify that is varies speed base on availability.