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    Globe International Roaming help




      I need help on using my Globe sim for International Roaming. Before I left for Los Angeles, I had my Prepaid Globe sim activated for International Roaming. When I arrived my phone displayed "NO NETWORK" or sometimes "EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY". I called Globe the next day and asked if they did activate my roaming. they said yes and suggested I should set the network selection on manual. I tried their suggestion and 2 networks showed up, Cingular and AT&T. I tried selecting either one and vice versa but still no luck. Still a "NO NETWORK" display shows up. I tried a Cingular sim and a Cingular network display came. But I but want to use the Cingular sim because I can save more money with the Globe sim. People txting me only gets charged 1peso with the Globe sim that 10pesos with a different sim. I own an openline SE P800. Can anyone help me? I'm open to any advice you guys have.


      Any help will be apprecited.


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      Ph Globe International Roaming help

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