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    Why can't globe csrs, contractors, technical people proces a simple upgrade of a postpaid plan?


      Why can't globe csrs, contractors, technical people process a simple upgrade of a postpaid plan from 10mbps dsl to 10mbps fiber unlimited? We've been calling, following up almost everyday for 2 weeks and all they are giving are excuses.


      We called to upgrade from 10mbps dsl 500GB to 10mbps dsl unlimited. The contractor went to the CORRECT ADDRESS (they even mentioned that the installation address is different and we told them that we have asked globe to change it but nothing happened), changed our line and connected it to the box for DSL unlimited. So we have no landline, no internet. They couldn't set it up properly so they just left the house. The next day they made an excuse that there is a problem with the facility and they are contacting globe technical to fix it. Nothing happened. For almost 1 week we have no landline, no internet. They can't fix it so we decided to just upgrade it to fiber since the box is near our house. Still nothing. We followed up almost everyday and all we heard are excuses.


      First, they said the address is incorrect. For 2 years since 2016, the installation address on their record is wrong because of the incompetence of globe who filed the application and somehow put a address different from the billing address. But if we have problems they come to the correct address. It takes so long to update that?


      Then there's the issue of the upgrade application where globe forwarded it to fiber without the date of birth? How hard is it to forward the correct info which you have on record so that the account can be created on the Fiber internet application/upgrade??


      All the issues are Globe's fault. They are the ones filling out/processing the application, we just requested it thru phone. We have no internet and landline for almost a month now and all they can say is our June is free, we don't have to pay anything? Well duh, why would we pay anything when we have no internet for most of June? And they still haven't fixed our internet.


      Are they really that incompetent?