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    How to fix "not registered on network" issue? (See more for details.)


      I recently bought a sim card... It has been seven hours (at the time of writing) and it is still not activated. I have tried to insert it to another device and it still doesn't work. I tried other methods such as turning the device on and off, and searching for mobile networks but all failed.


      How can I fix this? It shows "emergency calls only" on my notification bar, "selected network (GLOBE) not available" after I try to search for mobile networks, "not registered on network" when I try to dial #143* or any other number and "unable to connect. Try later" when I try to automatically select a network. The service state also appears to be "out of service." The network is "unknown." The mobile network state is "not connected."


      I am using a Samsung J7 Pro. The model number is SM-J730G/DS. Note that the sim I referred to is a newly bought sim, not an inactive sim. It was sealed when I purchased it.


      Please email me at [email protected] if I need to provide the number of this sim. Thank you very much!