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    Does a Globe store sales allowed/authorized to delivery unit on a meet-yp place only?


      I would like to ask this because I'm in doubt with this kind of transaction.


      It's my first time to get a postpaid plan (urgency to have a new phone,data and my eyes are in jeopardy) Last Monday, Globe store Starmall Shaw went to our company to offer plans, in which if you get a plan,it's already approved. When I made a transaction worh them, the staffs (actually there were 2 staffs went to our office) told me that I can submit 2 valid IDs and copy of payslips. I only submitted to them my IDs (photocopied) and told them that my payslips were not with me that time. One of the staffs told me to send it to him and he gave his name so that my application can process already. He gave his number so that I can make a follow-up since P20 is currently out of stock.


      The following day, I sent him my copy of payslip and said malabo daw, so just provide him a clearer copy when he delivered the unit. I asked when's the exact date and said there's no definite time.


      Then just today,after my 3rd follow-up, he told me that he can borrow a unit from other store so that he could deliver it to me. He asked me if we could meet in SM Makati. At first, I said yes but still hesistant. I franked him already and asked if it is allowed to process my application and deliver the unit OUTSIDE the Globe store and our office (since I mentioned a while ago that they went to our office). He said yes since he will just give the phone,present it to me for checking and then get the requirements and payment.


      During our conversation via SMS,he already got may name,birthday and mother's maiden name. Then he replied again asking for my SSS number, and I was already alarmed like, "wait personal info ko na to ah". I replied that if I can fillup the application when we meet since my personal info is already involve. He insisted that they will just verify it in the store if I'm a member. Sorry if I'm panicking only or what but I just want my personal data be secured (mahirap na...) and I'm a first timer.


      Apologies if this post took so long, i just wanna know if this is authorized/allowed. Thanks.

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Katie.


          Ken here. First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in having a plan with Globe.


          Second, if you're applying for a Postpaid Plan, there are only two ways where you can receive your phone. Thru, Globe Store and \delivery. Globe does not do meet up for a delivery of handset. The customer will always state where the unit should be delivered and an authorized carrier of Globe will deliver the handset.


          If you're getting a handset in our Globe store, you have to submit and accomplish the application form and our Globe staff, will show you the unit (if available). We will not ask for any info that is so confidential like your SSS.


          We only need the following for a Postpaid Line:


          1. Proof of Income
          2. Proof of billing address
          3. Proof of Identity


          Hope this helps.