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    Pathetic Service




      I am a globe broadband subscriber since 2007 and until now.. i have encountered multiple issues from the past but still stayed as a subscriber till today. i have encountered the most frustrating concern this past week: I've contacted globe helpdesk last June 24,2018(friday) and informed them about intermittent connectivity i'm encountering in my globelines broadband. we followed some T/S and was informed that there would be a technician that will fix the issue scheduled June 24, 2018 i've waited and called back to check on the status midnight since i haven't received any calls/text nor went to my house to check on the issue. Monday i've called again the helpdesk and was informed that the JO# was closed and mentioned that they called me and i've said Yes that the issue was resolved. i was so frustrated that they lie to me about this. and worst was they have created another JO# set for friday June 29, 2018. i tried to wait for it but friday passed and still the same concern, no calls/text, from the tech. I was the one who always calls the helpdesk for the follow-up..


      Help me understand this as why the tech blatantly LIES from us and cannot make a simple call to inform us what is happening to the repair.