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    Hello! Recontracting question..


      Is it true that for recontracting, sobrang bagal madeliver ng unit? Globe told me that the courier will call today latest, but they can deliver by yesterday (Monday), and still have not received any calls up to now. Parang ang unfair lang magsstart kang singilin from the moment you applied for recontract pero ang bagal nila magdeliver ng unit.

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Andrea.


          Ken here. So sorry for this inconvenience. Pwede ko naman ito i-check para sayo.


          Let me just explain to you that the pace of the recontracting process, will depend on the number of loyal customers who are requesting for a recontract. We also have to factor the availability of the unit, but I assure you that our loyal customers are the top priority of our recontracting team.