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    15mbps to 8mbps


      I recently upgraded my plan from plan 1566 5mbps to plan 1866 15mbps adsl. everything is good for the 1st month but starting this july im only receiving 8mbps. proven by my speedtest result


      i reported it to their chat support but they only give basic trouble shooting that does not help. one reply even states "Your current plan is not designed for the frequent use of peer to peer applications, streaming media or downloading heavy files like movies or series. The tendency is, you will experience slow browsing if you often use it for such activities.". then the supposed "unlimited" again has its limit.


      the plan1899 page has this on ther FAQ "You won't have to keep worrying if you're nearing your data cap early or if you've gone over. This is perfect for big families or those who love staying in to stream all night or play all day!". with the throttle down im experiencing im more worried at the amount im paying since im having speed almost the same as my 5mbps plan but more expensive

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Rob.


          Ken here. I'm here to help. I do understand how you feel, but since this may be due to our fair use policy, yes, your speed will be throttled.


          You may refer to this link if you want to learn more info about it.



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              then this plan is false advertisement. its plan "GO UNLI" but has limitation. if it is you fair use policy when will my speed go back to normal?? its even included in the FAQ section "stream all night or play all day!" well we cant stream or play when we want. we are not having what your plan promised.