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    What to do? I'm desperate.


      About 3 weeks I've installed LTE Globe BroadBand on Camotes island. Guy who's setup that gave me check written by hand and said what all my questions I can address to customer car service and since that date my suffering has been started. At the first I've tried to enroll my broadband account in to globe accounts because I have two Globe phone numbers and everything works as a charm. But here registration process stuck on the third step when you need assign account's alias. I wrote to support and the claim what everything will be fixed asap. After 2 days I tried again and now it's stopped to validate my account on step 2 with message "Invalid payments details" though before it worked and I have a bill with amount and my account number. I wrote again it took about 3 days and I got FB message what I can check now. Of course nothing happened and I faced the same error again. After that facebook support just stopped to response on my requests. I called to customer service via phone and waited on line 20 minutes after that line has been reset. But one day I got live operator and my questions were:


      1. Is it possible to have smth more that 50GB for 1299PHP on Camotes islands?

      2. What can I do in case if I excited my quota, may I buy additional traffic or what?

      3. How to enroll my account to control my traffic usage?

      4. How can I get my free Netflix account and will it metered traffic or free?


      1,2 - "you can check our plans on site" - I tried to convince her what site has nothing about our island's plans but she repeat the same nonsense again and again

      3 - seems like she didn't understand at all what I asked her

      4 - issue a pin number to me what didn't work


      So, what we have in total. I even don't know my billing cutoff date, how can I pay and how extend my Gigs. I even don't speak about Netflixes and other online dashboards with my payment data.


      Before I was SKY customer and I thought what SKY support worst one ever. But at least I knew how and when to pay. Globe just showing top class 50 messages + 5 screenshoots in FB and just nothing in 15 days. Call center operator literally lied me on all questions.


      WHAT TO DO? I already spent 43 gigs according stats on router! PLEASE HELP ME!