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      Whats up Globe? I just have the guts to ask this.


      Globe have recently (up until writing this one) having a free 2GB freebie when you register to a particular promo. This is actually good for Youtubers and gamers... but why Globe you have to credit the reward when the actual data allocation for the promo used up? I mean the data has been credited to to the account but it actually eats up your allocated promo data first before getting from the freebie. Why? For example, I am registered to GOTSCOMBODD90, that is 7-day 2GB surfing. If I have been playing Youtube for a pong time, my 2GB from GOTSCOMBODD90 will be used up first. So in the later part, I have no more data for my other apps. Can u just consume the data first depends on the app opened that includes in the freebie? It will be wonderful. Hopw this will be addressed soon. Thanks.

          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Jay.


          Ken here. For Globe Promos, the freebies should be consumed first rather than the promo itself. It behaves like that.


          May I suggest you try downloading Data App Manager via Playstore or Appstore? You can also check your current data usage via *143#.


          Hope this helps.