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    Discouraged with lost globe rewards points


      Greetings! I just want to air my disappointment on my lost globe rewards points and the new system itself. I think it is useless to say its a reward at all when sooner or later it will be forfeited and you just have to earn within a year. I'm also dissapointed because of the confusing text message your system have sent me which I have attached..

      You see first and foremost i'm a member of the globe collaborate community where we get to earn reward points in every survey.. And of course we earn points when we load or somewhat.. Just this march which i believe i have earned 100+ pts. And with the confusing text msg i thought i would retain it or atleast most of it.. But alas upon recent checking.. I only got 25? Well if that's the case, there's no point of earning a point.. And there's no purpose of giving rewards for that matter in such a kind of new system. I know it is not a right or something but deceiving ur customers like this saying it is a reward feels useless.. This is not a question actually but simply saying i'm very dissapointed in the new rewards system.. Which in turn gives me no interest on it at all...

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Roldan.


          I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. Actually, we can have this checked why and when did your reward points expired. Actually, I completely understand your sentiments for the expiry of points, but always remember the reward system is given to us customers to have more than what we're actually paying for.


          If you really want to have your reward points checked, I suggest that you send us a chat thru Facebook and Twitter.



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