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    Globe Fiber - PON Blinking | Ongoing issue


      Hi Globe Family--


      Me and my girlfriend owned a globe fiber account in Quezon City and we just experienced 2 Weeks of bad customer service. Let me tell you the story about our connection.


      July 5, 2018

      No internet connection, I immediately checked my router and showing symptom of physical problem (LOS Led). I immediately dialed 211 for assistance took 30 minutes before someone can confirm that there is a problem in my area, CS confirmed that there is a migration happening in order to have more fiber connection in the DSLAM. CS said that it may take 24 to 48 hours to complete the Migration / Upgrade.


      July 6, 2018

      Still No Connection


      July 7, 2018

      Still no connection.


      July 8, 2018

      Morning - My neighbor confirmed that connection is up and running, but ours still not. I checked the router and did a power cycle to refresh, LOS Led is gone and was replaced by PON Blinking Led. We thought that it will take awhile before connection to be restored.


      Night - PON still blinking therefore we immediately contacted globe and CS Confirmed that our account is disconnected for overdue balance, a fight broke between me and partner. I immediately settled the amount 599PHP and requested for re-connection.


      July 9, 2018

      Around 11AM we confirmed from GLOBE CS that connection has been restored but on our end? Still no connection and PON Led still blinking. A case has been created for a dispatch to see that the problem is and a tech visit was scheduled on July 24, 2018, who will wait for that long? Not everyone has that patient especially a freelancer like me. The CS know I'm going to rant and in order to avoid that the CS said they will order an immediate dispatch (sounds nice huh) and this is assured by the so-called support group (supervisor a.k.a floor walkers). Tech visit should be around 8-12 noon.


      July 10, 2018

      We waited for this tech-visit all morning but no one messaged, communicated, or whatever form of communication it is. We called Globe CS and if technician is not available in the morning how about afternoon? Sounds nice right? Well we waited until 7PM and me and my partner fought about being late at work. I remember the agent said "Baka nasa area lang po yung tech, mamaya maka visit na sa premise nyo". We'll we wasted time.


      July 11, 2018

      We called GLOBE CS to ask what happened and to our surprise the scheduled visit became August 6, 2018 Afternoon! They said that there must be a hitch in their scheduling system. I ranted on phone for not having a connection for several days and Data is so expensive. The CS said they can order a dispatch tomorrow morning around 8-12Noon. Well? Everyone wants to get rid of me on the phone so they make promises. But this was; again, backed by one of the support group.


      July 12, 2018

      2 Technician was able to visit premise, they take a look on our modem and that's it. They actually don't know what to do! Surprisingly they did not even bother to check the admin configuration. They just accessed the user interface of my modem! and took a picture of my modem's SSN!  They said they are just going to get something and attach it to my router and they headed out of my premise. And here's the stuff... They left their tools inside my room and they never went back. I asked my partner to kindly wait for them to go back but they never did. They said they are going to do the repair tomorrow since they are waiting for the admin to activate my router? (Activate my router?).


      July 13, 2018

      They went back to my house early morning! To repair my connection? God Hell! No! They just came back for their tools and left, they said they are going to get get back to me if there's an update from their admin (admin works so slow I think). Helpless as a sheep I said yes, we postponed our appointment and waited for them until evening. And guess what? No one! No visit! I tried to contact them and guess what their response is?


      "Sorry ma'am nasa cabinet po kami, marami pa kasing naunang customer sa inyo, at may ibang team na mag h handle po sa inyo bukas" and they chuckled.


      What the fuck? Am I not a customer? What did I do to be treated like this? Fine, if there will be a team tomorrow what gives? But I did not let this slide and called CS for this mockery and disrespect I got.


      July 14, 2018

      We waited until 1PM no visit ever came, we called GLOBE CS and I informed them immediately of this incident of long ago, having to repeat myself like a broken cassette tape. So in response to my rage they said that there will be a visit tomorrow.


      July 15, 2018

      At last! Professional looking people! They checked the router, admin setting, and stuff! They said that worst case scenario is replacement of modem which is fine btw. But they were bothered by high DBM and receive power so they did a check on the cabinet on the post and confirmed that there is something wrong with the cabinet but they cannot deal with that since there's a different contractor to deal with facility. Cabinet is wet including inside and might be the root cause of my problem.


      I would like to know if I can file an NTC complaint against the service that was provided by 2 technician and if possible get a compensation for tiresome call. We will appreciate if the facility can be fixed ASAP.

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          Kenneth Chan

          Hi, Jam.


          Ken here. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and I feel very sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced.


          Allow me to send you a private message regarding this.



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            July 16, 2018


            It's raining due to typhoon Henry entering PAR. We called in to check if a dispatch can be made during this kind of weather, CS said depends on luck and we're at the mercy of the sun it seems. So we have low hopes. We're just praying that tomorrow is a sunny day.


            July 17, 2018

            It's raining hard and it's raining all day, we called in just to make a followup that once the sun is up (Buti pa ang araw may up time yung fiber namin until now wala pang linaw). So "Tomorrow" yeah, we're getting tired of this tomorrow stuff.


            July 18, 2018

            It's no longer raining and the sun is not up yet, but weather is good! My GF called in and spoke to Globe CS and yeah "Tomorrow", I don't know what is happening, while I'm walking on my way home I saw globe people repairing cabinet near our area, but that is not our cabinet. I wonder, why tomorrow? If its raining tomorrow does it mean I need to wait again? I love rainy days because I can binge watch netflix but right now? I dunno.

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              Adding salt to the existing wound


              My modem was replaced and might not be configured. So even if the cabinet is fixed I might have this issue due to my modem not being configured. I might wait for another dispatch to have this configured? Unless I can configure this myself.

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                Final Straw


                July 19, 2018

                Same s***, we called in today and we got a shocking news from your customer support! Schedule for tech visit might be on weekends! Surprisingly! July 21 or 22! Even though the previous representative said that schedule will be tomorrow (July 19, 2018) you can check my update. Now I am convinced to file an NTC complaint.